Talking Square on CNBC

I had a fun conversation yesterday with Carl Quintanilla, Kayla Tausche and John Fortt on CNBC’s Squawk Alley regarding Square.  (See below for video interview) In particular, they were interested in whether Jack Dorsey can run two companies effectively. Below are a few key points I’d like to highlight regarding the conversation:

2016 Predictions

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is nearly upon us. While 2015 has been fast-paced, I expect 2016 to bring a new level of excitement. I’ve been thinking about what might transpire next year. Here are a few predictions. Below these, I’ve also included the predictions I made 12 months ago for 2015 to see how I did.

For 2016:

The Mutual Fund Mark Down

For months now, a debate has raged on Twitter about the health of the late-stage, pre-IPO market for investing in startups. Many believe its overheated. Fueling this view, Fidelity, an active pre-IPO investor, recently marked down investments in several pre-IPO high-flyers.
As Marvin Gaye asked, “What’s going on?”
Prior to my nearly two decades as a VC in Silicon Valley, I spent a few years on Wall Street. I can briefly share my perspective to answer Marvin’s question.

一个团队, 两个市场, 全球视野



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